Pysma is a free learning platform for creators. 

It contains no ads, no pay-walls, and no obnoxious sponsorship messages. All training courses on Pysma are taught by vetted experts, and new courses are added every week. Pysma is currently available on iOS, with an Android version releasing before April 2022.

I created Pysma to disrupt and democratize the online learning industry. I'm tired of seeing important, necessary information and training stuffed behind paywalls and expensive courses taught by individuals with few, if any, credentials and provided with no guarantees. New creators with modest or non-existent budgets should have access to expert-lead, no-bullshit training so they can get as great a head-start as those with larger budgets or better connetions. New creators already have to learn a lot, and Pysma is working to make sure a lack of money doesn't get in the way of them doing so.

Tanner Campbell

Founder of Pysma


Pysma works for creators and instructors

All pre-recorded courses are free to access for all students enrolled in Pysma, and Pysma offers 100% free enrollment.

As Pysma ages, its library grows. Each week a minimum of one new pre-recorded course is added to the courses directory.

No ads whatsoever. Not in-video ads, not display ads, no ads anywhere! You enroll in Pysma to learn, not to be advertised to. 

Sometimes courses age out as technologies or best practices change. When that happens, outmoded courses are removed and new ones are created in their place.

While students of Pysma aren't required to pay for any of the course content they consume in-app, they can elect to tip instructors they like.

All instructors are permitted to list external services links in their Instructor profiles. You can link to a Calendly scheduler or anything else.

Pysma offers a $99/yr "Pysma Plus" plan wherein students, in addition to unrestricted free access to pre-recorded courses, can attend weekly live sessions with their instructors for 1:1 help.

Instructors are vetted by Pysma staff and will not be permitted to teach on the platform until that vetting process is complete. Ensuring your Pysma colleagues are just as qualified as you are.

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